Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$47 Dress becomes $157,000 Dress?

The infamous sheer dress that allegedly caused Prince William to fall in love with Kate Middleton has been collecting dust in a closet for quite some time...and has since greatly appreciated in value!

Legend has it that Prince William instantly fell in love with Kate as she strutted herself down the catwalk in the sheer dress in question during a St Andrews University charity fashion show.

Kate has received numerous offers for the dress, designed by Charlotte Todd, over the years. Recent estimates have placed the value at a staggering 100,000 pounds, which translates roughly into about $157,000 (more or less, I haven't been monitoring the downfall of the dollar lately!)

Here is a pic in case you forgot what it looks like:

Sure, it's pretty cute. But I can think of about a bazillion other things I could spend that kind of money on!
And that price is really a conservative estimate. If those fanatic royal collectors with seemingly infinite budgets set their sights on it, the sky is the limit in regards to how much the dress could go for. Who would have thought that sexy, sheer, relatively inexpensive dress, designed by a student, could become priceless?

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